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Why Costa Rica?

It's all about location and talent.

What does owning a truly ideal location mean? Being at the heart of where things happen. And Costa Rica is literally there. Costa Rica stands as the most popular nearshore location for companies from the U.S. With the same time-zone as the U.S Central Standard Time (GMT – 6).

With a proven track record of 120 years of solid democracy, economic and political stability, Costa Rica is unmatched as the top choice for investing in the region.

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Never keep meetings at nights with your teamwork anymore.

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Save 45% in operations costs by partnering with 4Geeks Teams.

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We handle local legal requirements, payroll, office and workstation.

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We make you easier to grow a healthy business with a strong culture.

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Feel privileged to have one (or many) of the best minds in your team.


Our engineers speak Spanish and English, with a good pronunciation.

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